who i am

I am a people and talent specialist, and have led both at a few different startups. I absolutely love what I do because I truly care about people. I am also captivated by the startup world and thrive off of the speed of innovation and quality of people I meet. There are so many creative, useful, and groundbreaking products and services out there, and I don't take my job as the one to find and retain the amazing creators of them lightly. 

I was part of an amazing team at Dropcam as a very early stage employee and had the privilege of working along side some of the best in the valley. Dropcam was well-known both for having a great product and a great culture, and I was able to influence both to some degree which was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

I also put in time at an agency called The Sourcery where I was able to deep dive into the sourcing side of things and really hone my candidate search and engagement skills. Here, I had the opportunity to help build and shape some amazing teams including those at GoPro, Scribd, StitchFix, Course Hero, and Pantheon. I also spent considerable time bringing on new generations of recruiting professionals and imparting the knowledge I've gained so far in my career. Being able to work so closely with other recruiters and help guide their journeys was the most rewarding part of my job there.

I then joined, Gild, a SaaS company that built a recruiting platform using data science to help make recruiting smarter. It was exciting to help build out the Gild team and culture and I loved working for a software company where I could relate so closely to the product. Gild was acquired by Citadel, a Chicago-based Hedge Fund.

I spent a few months leading the talent function at a growing startup called Dealpath, an enterprise SaaS solution looking to make Commercial Real Estate deal teams more efficient by creating a workflow and collaboration platform.

I was lucky enough to join my former team from Gild at another Menlo-backed venture, OverOps. Here at OverOps, an enterprise code reliability platform, I lead both the HR and recruiting functions for our US (HQ) side of the business. A mix of all things people and talent, I have a special focus on hiring for our go-to-market teams and building up our employer brand.


My areas of focus